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Meet theTeam

Melissa STansell, OWNER 

Melissa founded Braids & Sparkles in 2022.  She has been a professional hair stylist for over 30 years.  Braids & Sparkles is all about connecting with the community to make people feel their best in every aspect of their life.  As a stylist, she is a Wella Master Colorist and former salon owner.

In her personal life she is a mom of three from Wilmington, Delaware who loves yoga, the beach and rock music.  In her spare time she can often be found at the Jersey Shore with a good book.  

Learn more about Melissa and all the things that she does at

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Christy-Anne Cassidy Mathews

Christy-Anne has been a stylist and educator for over 30 years.  She and Melissa met during the pandemic and became fast friends with similar interests!  She's been a member of the Braids & Sparkles team since the very beginning.

As a stylist Christy-Anne loves educating her clients on their hair needs so they can feel glamourous and stunning every day. Vintage pinup is her passion but she loves all aspects of hair, make up and fashion. 


In her personal life she is wife and mom of a 4 year old up-and-coming fashionista.  She enjoys crafting, reading, exploring new recipes in the kitchen and relaxing by the fire pit with friends and family. 

Alex STansell

Alex is Melissa's son.  When Mom needed an extra set of hands, he was quick to jump at the chance to earn some money!  He joined the team in January and has been learning all aspects of the business.  As an aspiring entrepreneur himself he babysits and pet sits for a number of families.

Alex enjoys sports, music and surfing. He is also a Unified Partner for Special Olympics Swimming and can often be found assisting his older brother in and around the pool.  He aspires to be a teacher in his future. 

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